Everything Begins Somewhere

I’m not a philosopher.  To be quite honest, I often doubt my intelligence when it comes to really delving into the philosophical works of the likes of Plato.  But I read, and I absorb (or at least I try to).  Martin Heidegger  was an influential German philosopher.  His best known book, Being and Time, is thought to be one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century.  Heidegger was a very controversial man.  This basically stems from his involvement with Nazism and he made statements of support for Adolf Hitler.  So obviously, right off of the bat, I’m not going to be a proponent of Heidegger.  However, the man made some profound statements in his time that didn’t include Hitler or the eradication of an entire race.  Heidegger was once quoted as saying

“Questioning is the piety of thought.” The only limit to truth is your stomach for it.”

That’s my entire reason for starting this blog.  We, as humans, should consistently be seeking the truth in all that we come in contact with in our daily lives.  Zen is intellectual honesty. Zen isn’t Buddha and Chinese characters and sitting around in the lotus position trying to get yourself into some distant realm.  Meditation is just a method to get in contact with the Zen that’s already within you.  Zen is enlightenment.  Enlightenment is seeking the answers to the questions.  The question doesn’t matter.  The method of getting the answer doesn’t matter.  Knowledge is key, no matter what the subject matter.

I come in contact with so many people who are political, social, and religious/spiritual lemmings.  They don’t take the time to find the answer’s to life’s questions on their own.  I may ultimately end up agreeing with someone’s notion or theory but I’ll be damned if I believe it just because it’s what I’m supposed to do or because it’s what my political party affiliation says I’m supposed to believe.

This will be a place to rant, rave, enlighten, meditation and just Zen out.  Anything goes.  Humor, Political, Economic, World Affairs… it’s all going to be here.  What you won’t find here is any form of proselytizing.   Opinions are simply that.   Opinions.   If you agree, great.   If you don’t agree, fantastic.  The key is to seek out the answer to whatever the question may be and be confident in the truth that you come up with.  Just make sure you can stomach what you find!


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